Digital X-Rays

If your children have ever had X-rays, you know what an ordeal it can sometimes be. Even in a dentist’s office, in the absence of pain and broken bones, a simple base X-ray can inspire fear in a child (and sometimes an adult), prolonging an appointment, adding drama and even stymieing their care.


Getting children in the chair and covered with the apron isn’t usually too bad, but after we add in the ray gun and tell them their mom isn’t allowed to stay next to them, the urge to bolt is sometimes overwhelming. Even those who aren’t afraid can end up forgetting (repeatedly) how important it is to sit still!


Get Digital X-rays At Your Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Dentist

Luckily, the dawn of digital X-rays has greatly streamlined and improved the process.


No one wants their child exposed to radiation over and over again, no matter how safe we’re told it is, and the truth is that nowadays it isn’t necessary. Traditional X-rays are as outdated as dial-up modems. Today’s digital X-rays are faster, safer and more accurate.


Digital X-rays contain only about 10 percent of the radiation of traditional X-rays. Since children often require more X-rays than adults because their teeth and jaws are still growing and because they may be more susceptible to dental decay, they can potentially be exposed to much higher levels of radiation if their dentist uses traditional X-rays. In the case of radiation, less is always better.


Digital X-Rays are Faster Better

Digital X-rays are also faster because there is no film to develop, no waiting around the office – the images of your child’s teeth just pop right up on our computer screens. The image quality is much better as well, and the computer can be used to manipulate the images, enlarging areas, adjusting color, contrast and brightness to give us the best overall picture of your child’s teeth. These improved methods of obtaining X-ray images make dental visits with your children faster and easier.


If for any reason your child needs to be seen by a dental specialist, an endodontist or orthodontist, his or her dental records can be emailed over to their office instantly – no more time and money wasted on photocopying or mailing, and no surprises when you get to your appointment and they tell you they never got the records. In fact, we email copies to you as well so that your child’s dental records are easily accessible to you at any time.


We here at Oceanside Dental think it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of dental technology so that we can offer our patients the most convenient, comfortable dental care possible.