Children’s Dentist

Medically speaking, children are much like adults in that they have teeth made of the same material that are susceptible to many of the same problems. Some oral issues are specific to children, however, and these include thumb or lip sucking and tongue thrusting, both of which can cause problems with overbite or misaligned teeth. These are both orthodontic issues, but children can also suffer a range of problems with the eruption of their permanent teeth. Sometimes their mouth just isn’t big enough for the new teeth to fit. Sometimes the old teeth don’t want to give up their spots, and other times the teeth end up in front of or behind others, creating dental chaos. And this isn’t even taking wisdom teeth into consideration! Children can have a whole host of issues that just won’t be seen in adults, so it’s important to have your children treated by a dentist with plenty of experience in all these areas so he or she can stop problems before they start.


Distinct Emotional Needs For Children’s Dentists

But this is only half of the picture. The other half is how we work with our patients. It’s important that we treat our little patients differently from the way we would treat adult patients. All patients should be treated gently and with kindness and respect. But our mini patients’ needs go further. They can be scared, excited, fidgety, talkative or a whole host of other characteristics not conducive to a dental exam. But we understand, and we know the best way to treat each of our individual patients so that they feel valued, listened to and understood — but still come out with clean teeth!