Dental Restorations

Children generally need many fewer dental restorations than adults, but when they do, we here at Oceanside Dental make sure our patients never feel afraid or worried about the procedure, instilling confidence in them that our job is to make them feel better!


The most common dental restoration — filling a cavity — is done less frequently these days, due to close attention about proper brushing and flossing practices and the prevalence of the use of fluoride and sealants.


Why Do Myrtle Beach Children Need Dental Restorations?

A cavity is a spot on a tooth that has been invaded with bacteria and begun to decay. Sometimes the spots are too small to even see and are only discovered with the use of x-rays. This is the easiest kind of cavity to treat – a tiny spot can be taken care of relatively quickly and may not even need to be filled. The best remedy for fixing a cavity is by using a drill to remove the decay.


Many parents wonder why we recommend going through the process of filling a cavity in a baby tooth that is just going to fall out anyway. The question has multiple answers. If the tooth’s decay is not arrested, it can spread to other teeth much in the same way one bad apple spoils the bunch. If the cavity progresses to a point where it is causing the child pain and the tooth needs to be pulled, the space it leaves behind can allow other teeth to become misaligned, causing more problems when adult teeth emerge. Another risk is that an unfilled cavity can result in an abscess, an infection that can be dangerous. People with abscessed teeth often feel pain, but not always, so it’s important to keep the risk of abscess as low as possible.


Here at Oceanside Dental of Myrtle Beach, we work hard to keep your children’s teeth healthy, so any dental restorations can be kept to a minimum. If the day comes when they need one, however, rest assured it will be done with the utmost care and skill.