Dental Exams and Cleaning

Where can your children go where they will be allowed to touch and examine specialized tools of the trade? Oceanside Dental, that’s where!


Any new experience can be scary for a child – school, doctor’s visits, haircuts and even visits with Santa! And Santa likely isn’t going to let your children touch his reindeer or his sleigh, but here at Oceanside Dental, we encourage our patients to check out what’s going into their mouths before we put it in there. Instruments such as mirrors, picks and scalers are sold in many drug stores and department stores today. Getting a set a few weeks before a dental exam and letting your child play with the pieces can help acclimate them to the process, thereby reducing any anxiety and potential fear.


ABCs of Dental Exams & Cleanings

During a dental exam, we count your child’s teeth and check for any anomalies in their mouth, face or neck. We evaluate your child’s bite, gums and jaw for any deviations from normal development and generally assess your child’s overall oral health. Very young children do not always get their teeth cleaned on their first visit, but we do discuss with parents the best ways for them to maintain the health of their children’s teeth, including demonstrations of proper brushing and flossing techniques. We also review with parents behavioral threats to your children’s teeth, including thumb or finger sucking, going to bed with a bottle and eating sugary or sticky foods, like fruit leathers.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Parents Allowed During Dental Exams

Parents are always allowed, and in fact, encouraged, to remain in the room with their children while their teeth are being cared for. Having a parent close by makes most dental visits easier.


Here at Oceanside Dental of Myrtle Beach, we employ many highly skilled professionals to work with your children’s dental cleaning, taking x-rays and many other important tasks, but every visit includes a consultation with a dentist who will discuss your children’s oral health with you and advise you about what steps to take for your children’s future health.


Oceanside Dental’s No. 1 priority is the health of your child’s teeth. We know the easiest way to achieve this is by practicing patience and kindness!