About Us

Our mission at Oceanside Dental is to provide the best care in the most welcoming environment so that we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good oral health.The reason many adults avoid the dentist is because of frightening experiences they had as children, which leads to years of neglect, damage and even loss of their teeth.


It’s so sad, and so unnecessary. Here at Oceanside, nothing is scary.


No Surprises


From your first phone call to our office, our staff makes sure you and your children know what to expect on your initial visit. We collect important information from you, and we make sure you understand exactly what’s going to happen during your child’s first appointment so that there are no surprises.


We pull out all the stops to make your children’s experience fun and engaging, right from the moment they arrive at our waiting room filled with toys. Our front desk staff is warm and welcoming to our small ones, and is always friendly to the older ones in a way that doesn’t make them feel like little kids.


Lots of Gain

With regular cleanings, checkups, x-rays and sealants, your children’s teeth should stay healthy for life. Genetics does play a role in the health of our teeth, however, making dental procedures sometimes necessary. Our highly skilled staff makes undergoing this work a breeze. We use the most modern, safe and effective dental practices to make sure your children don’t feel uncomfortable at any time. Once the procedure is over, they hardly have any memory of it at all. And parents are welcome to stay in the room through every procedure — we never take your children out of your sight.


Every one of our employees is specially trained in working with children. We are skilled and thorough, but we are also patient and understanding. We never rush you through your visit, we always take the extra time to make sure our patients are comfortable and happy — we find that’s what keeps them coming back!